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At Invitial, we work with our clients to provide technical business solutions ranging from process improvements through to software and networking products that transform working practices and deliver real efficiencies.

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About Us

Providing technical solutions for 20 years, the team at Invitial have experience in a broad range of technologies in various industries from in-flight entertainment through to railway telecommunications.

  • International experience

    From working with airlines and rail infrastructure & operators through to satellite communication and media transcoding and delivery, the Invitial team have been involved and managed projects with companies all over the world.

  • Direct input

    With our clients, we have worked directly with leaders and teams to identify areas where solutions will be most effective, ranging from employee performance through to implementing complex hardware and software systems to deliver efficiencies on a large scale.


Some of the services Invitial can provide.

Collaborative Research

We can work with you to investigate your existing processes and understand your workflow with a view to finding efficiencies.

Process Review Reports

After investigation is complete we can provide a full report of our findings including our recommendations on quick-wins as well as long term solutions.

Fresh Ideas

Given our perspective and experience, after reviewing your processes, we can make some suggestions that you might not have considered previously.

Workflow Improvements

In our previous exposure with clients, we realise that often even the smallest of tweaks to your workflow can yield instant and lasting savings.

Technical Development

From mobile apps to web-based front-ends through to back-end services and full stack solutions, we have experience in delivering as part or whole.


Sometimes just a bit of time and a conversation is all you need to get a handle on things. We strive to assist with any of your issues.


We value our relationships with our customers.
  • Collins Aerospace
  • Network Rail
  • Spafax
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • TTS Pharma
  • TTS Pharma


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